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Hair Stylist

When Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

  As a business owner, you know what an investment the whole enterprise can be. True, it can be...

Barber License vs. Cosmetology License – New Opportunities and Legal Limitations

  Barbers and cosmetologists have a lot in common when it comes to their daily tasks. In fact, there’s...

tax deductions for self-employed hair stylists

Tax Deductions for Self Employed Hair Stylists – Top 7 Write Offs to Help Your Business

There are all sorts of small business tax deductions out there. Some are universal, which means they can be...

getting your hair stylist license

How To Get A Hair Stylist License – First Steps To A Successful Career

If you’re like working with people and want to help others look their best, a career as a hair...

becoming a mobile hairdresser

Becoming a Self Employed Mobile Hairdresser – Cutting Your Way to Success

As a freelance hairdresser, there are many options available to you regarding how to do business. One is becoming...

becoming a mobile hair stylist

Mobile Beauty Business Essentials – Growing Your Business On the Go

The beauty industry is booming these days. This makes it a great time to get into the business, or...

next insurance

How Hair Stylist Insurance Helps You Thrive

Hair stylists have a variety of tricks for every occasion: hair spray, bobby pins, curling irons and so many...

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