Natalie | author

Natalie is a member of our A-Team, and also dabbles in market research, excel model building, and blog content writing. She majored in Contemplative Studies in college (ask her about that if you talk to her!) and helps our team stay calm and upbeat even in the toughest of situations.

To BOP or Not To BOP

If you own a business and speak to an insurance agent about the insurance product that's right for you, they might suggest what’s called a “Business Owner’s Policy,” or a...

Next (Generation) Insurance

Shopping, movies, activism, even dating - in today’s ultra-connected world, there’s very little you can’t find online. But even with today’s wealth of web-based resources, business insurance has been slow...

Spotlight Series: The A-team

Hello, Business Owners! Here at Next Insurance, we’re all about creating real connections with our customers. In that spirit, we’re going to pull back the curtain and spotlight each of...

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