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Sofya Pogreb is the Chief Operating Officer of Next Insurance. Sofya joined the company in early 2017 and brings nearly 20 years of Financial Services experience from companies including McKinsey, PayPal, and TrueAccord. She is super-excited about the opportunity to help business thrive by taking care of their insurance needs and therefore giving them more control.

Non-stop improvement: Replacement cost coverage for Photographers

We recently published a post about the photographer claims we’ve encountered since we started.  A claim is the true test of the quality of a small business policy – it…

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Monthly payments: a luxury or a must for small business insurance?

When we talk to business owners and ask about the issues the struggle with on a daily basis, one term comes up in almost every conversation: cash flow. A carpenter…

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Our experience with Photographer claims so far

Photographers often ask us “what are the claims you get most often? What should I be careful about?” – and until recently, we didn’t have enough data to opine. As…

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American Express invests in Next Insurance

Back in May, we announced our $29 million Series A funding round, led by global insurance companies including Munich Re / HSB Ventures, Markel, and Nationwide. Today, we are excited…

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Small Business Insurance basics: Insurance coverage triggers – Occurrence vs Claims-made

There is a popular belief in Small Business insurance that customers don’t read their policies (and, given policies often exceed 100 pages in length, can we really blame them?) -…

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Why do our agents sit right next to our Product Managers?

Next Insurance is a rare breed in Small Business Insurance. We work with carrier partners to design and customize insurance for a specific business vertical (like Photographers, Personal Trainers, and…

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One less reason to talk to the Next Insurance team!

A few weeks back, we were bursting with excitement about our customers being able to generate a Proof of Insurance on our website – in seconds, without needing to talk…

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5 Tips for Making Smart Choices in Personal Trainer Insurance

Buying insurance might feel like stepping into the weight room for the first time – confusing at best, maybe intimidating or even overwhelming. As a trainer, you know that with…

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We’re proud to announce our series A fundraising round of a whopping $29 Million

Today marks a huge milestone for Next Insurance! We have closed our Series A funding round, having raised $29 million in new capital. Investors in this round were leading global…

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Do-it-Yourself: Proof Of Insurance

And another industry first – we innovate for you! Certificate of Insurance and Additional Insured Forms available through the Next Insurance Customer Portal Last month, we introduced the Next Insurance…

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A New, [Even!] Simpler Experience!

When businesses think about buying insurance, a beautiful interface is not high on their list of priorities – business owners may be willing to go through a manual, lengthy process…

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Small Business Insurance

Why don’t we offer insurance to all types of small businesses?

As the Next Insurance leader responsible for our insurance product and our Advisory team, I am delighted when small business owners call us to let us know they are excited…

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