How much money do personal trainers make?

Personal trainers just starting out earn approximately $38k per year. With a few years’ experience under their belt, trainers can make upwards of $50k – and this is not counting those who start their own successful gyms.


Non-stop improvement: Replacement cost coverage for Photographers

We recently published a post about the photographer claims we’ve encountered since we started.  A claim is the true test of the quality of a small business policy – it may be cheap, service may be great, but if your insurance company / agent come up short in the claims process, when you need them […]

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Personal Trainer business

Building a Successful Personal Training Business

Congratulations! You’ve earned your fitness certification and are on the road to becoming a practicing personal trainer. To be sure, it’s been plenty of work preparing yourself physically, mentally, and scholastically, and now that you’re a certified trainer, the next step is becoming a certified professional. If you’ve read our “How to Become a Personal […]

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Next Insurance 1st Year

Secrets and numbers behind our first 12 months

Happy 1st Birthday to Next Insurance! Many of you have been working with us (or, at the very least, reading our blog!) for close to a year – and you’ve probably wondered “How is Next Insurance doing?”. We’ve promised to be transparent with you when it comes to both our products and our company – […]

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