Is re-certification required?

Every fitness trainer certification requires recertification of some kind, which makes sense: as a personal trainer, your clients must be reasonably confident in your freshness and knowledgeability.  In addition to keeping CPR and AED certification current, trainers are required to gather continuing education credits (CECs), the specifics of which vary for each certification. There is also a recertification fee usually required every two years which ranges broadly from $25-$75, depending on the program.


A-Team Allstars: When Bigger is Better

Hello Business Owners, It’s been a few months since we introduced the A-team to you in this blog post; and a few weeks since our co-founder, Alon, talked about the tremendous growth we’ve been experiencing. As you might suspect, we’ve added to the A-team in order to ensure we continue to be there for the […]

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Does a Waiver Guarantee Legal Protection?

What exactly is a waiver? Most people have agreed to a waiver at one point or another, perhaps when renting skis, going horseback riding, hiring a personal trainer, or engaging in some other service or recreation that involves some degree of risk, bodily or otherwise. But what exactly are waivers, and what power do they […]

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Tips to Promote your Photography Business and Attract More Clients

With the ease and availability of shooting, editing, and sharing of photographs via devices and social media, it seems like everyone with a smartphone and internet access is calling themselves a photographer these days. If you’ve read our in-depth guide on becoming a pro photographer, you know that a lot goes into actual mastery of […]

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