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Why we love working with Personal Trainers

One of the main reasons Next Insurance was founded is we want to help businesses (and their owners) thrive – we love serving them, supporting them, and giving them the confidence they need to continue growing their business. We enjoy taking care of all our customers – but we also love learning the things that are unique to each of the industries we serve. Today, we wanted to reflect on things we enjoy about working with Personal Trainers

Personal trainers were actually one of the first classes of business owners that Next chose to insure. At this point, we have helped thousands of Personal Trainers protect their business – and have become experts on the needs of this industry. Like their bodies, trainers need their insurance to be flexible – and we have used the feedback we have heard from customers to ensure (no pun intended) that the Personal Trainer coverage we sell is truly customized to their needs. In reflecting on the quality of coverage and service we provide, our customers recognize that our policies are affordable and robust, our support is outstanding, and purchasing from us could not be easier.

Our Personal Trainer Insurance is affordable, starting at just $11/month. Yes the coverage is more than robust – the policies follow you anywhere in the United States, its territories and Canada. Moreover, you can add unlimited locations as additional insured’s – and, needless to say, no service fees apply. The policies apply to personal/fitness trainers, yoga and Pilates instructors, cross-fit trainers, water aerobics teachers – and we just added coverage for dance and golf instructors! We get to fulfill the needs of an industry with very unique dynamics, while offering coverage to businesses that offer a diverse array of experiences all across the nation – and help us be healthier.

Personal trainers demand sweat – a lot of it. While each trainer or fitness instructor has a unique style, we’ve noticed a few such commonalities. They tend to be motivated yet no-nonsense individuals aiming to become the best version of themselves, and often, that means making their business the best it can be, too. That’s where we come in, and why we love helping these business owners thrive. They know that if they get the best insurance coverage, it comes with peace of mind that allows them to stop worrying about things that could go wrong and focus instead on their clients, their brand, and other aspects that will make them stand out among the competition.

Another reason we get so much enjoyment from working with fitness instructors is that they always keep us on our toes by inventing new ways to stay fit… and those come with new insurance needs! Fitness is a dynamic industry where there’s constant innovation – from goat yoga to baby zumba to extra-bouncy boots, we get to hear about an unending stream of new fitness trends on the market. It’s exciting to work with business owners who are challenging norms or thinking in new ways – it inspires us to do so within ourselves.

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