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A New, [Even!] Simpler Experience!

When businesses think about buying insurance, a beautiful interface is not high on their list of priorities – business owners may be willing to go through a manual, lengthy process to figure out the right coverage and get a favorable price. At Next Insurance, however, we believe the buying experience matters almost as much as the quality of the product. With these objectives in mind, early last week we launched a brand new design for our online quote application. Our goal? To be as transparent as possible about what it takes to sign up for insurance with us and to simplify the signup process to the fullest extent.

So what did we actually do? In a word — we streamlined.

Customers now invest less energy selecting their answers; instead of multiple steps, each question takes only one click to complete. We’ve also minimized the amount of time our customers spend filling out their applications. At Next we believe the process of getting insured does not need to be overwhelming or complex. In alignment with our beliefs, we’ve modernized the design to reflect our radically different and refreshing take on insurance and cleaned up the formatting to allow for a warmer, more enjoyable customer experience.

In other exciting news, we also released a mobile-optimized version of our website with the same gorgeous aesthetic and ease. Now, our customers can sign up for insurance on the go! We understand that one lifestyle does not fit all but our busiest customers tell us that having the ability to access our quote application on the run can make all the difference.

Finally, we increased the level of transparency in the application so our customers can see how many total steps there are, and better track their progress. We hope this choice helps make the overall process friendlier and more predictable.

While we are excited about these changes to our design, we know this is only the beginning. We intend never to stop pushing boundaries in this space and are working in parallel to continue improving product coverage and rates.

Our team discusses how to improve the customer experience daily, and feedback is always welcomed, sought out and encouraged. Shoot us an email or Facebook message to tell us how you feel about the new look!

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