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Next Insurance Receives Recognition as Finalists for “Insurtech Initiative of the Year” Award

Next Insurance was recognized for reaching the final round of the 2019 Business Insurance US Insurance Awards presented in New York, on March 21st.

As disruptors in the digital insurance sector, we are pleased to have been nominated by the great team of industry professionals at Business Insurance. We created Next Insurance with the aim of empowering small business owners to take control of their insurance needs with simplicity and efficiency, with the convenience of digital access to manage their insurance policies. 

Innovating Insurance to Help Business Owners

Many business owners report feeling their business insurance policies are too expensive to grow their businesses. These business owners also indicated that obtaining insurance is complicated, confusing, expensive, and can be an unpleasant experience overall.

Source: BusinessInsurance.com

Accenture confirms this sentiment, cited in their recent report of business owners around the U.S. stating, “The time it takes to find and buy an appropriate commercial insurance solution is at odds with the time constraints that most small business owners face. Business owners that took part in the interviews and workshops described navigating the commercial insurance landscape for the first time as ‘overwhelming,’ ‘confusing’ and ‘not fun.'”

Next Insurance is changing that sentiment by offering commercial insurance to small business owners across the United States in a way that is simple, affordable, and with policies tailored to the specific needs of these businesses. Since even the sentiment surrounding business insurance is proven to have a negative connotation, we actively entered the market with strategies, products, and services that address and fix all of these pain points experienced by small business. Our reliance on data science and innovative technology makes this process easier. By using our platform, business owners can receive a quote and a policy in less than 10 minutes, and our service is available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Defining a Digital “One-stop insurance shop”

We’ve grown as an insurance provider to becoming a licensed carrier in dozens of states, all while providing affordable policies to small business owners around the country. Our 100% online approach to business insurance in a simple, affordable, and tailored product and service solution has created an entirely new sector within the insurance industry where clients are satisfied with the coverage, convenience, and feel a sense of appreciation for tools and resources we give them. We have created the digital “one-stop insurance shop” for small businesses that provides the coverage they want while keeping things simple.

Recognition of our initiative to provide transparency, accessibility, and self-sufficiency in the insurance sector is highly encouraging. We appreciate acknowledgment from our industry peers, as it also demonstrates that the customer experience is enhanced by embracing technology and applying its benefits to the process of buying business insurance. We’re redefining the way insurance works for business owners — from the way they receive a quote to receiving their certificate of insurance, we keep things simple and fast, so they can focus on the things that matter.  

Business Insurance US Insurance Awards are held annually and aim to recognize outstanding individuals, innovative products, and leading companies in the insurance sector.

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