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small business tips for success

Small Business Tips – How to Lay Your Foundations and Achieve Stability

You want your business to succeed. That’s a given. But it’s not always easy opening a business, and sticking...

public performance license for dj

How to Get a Public Performance License for Your DJ Business

Being a DJ can be a dream job for music-lovers, and some people even do it for fun before...

how to promote your cleaning business

 5 Easy Tips for How to Promote Your Cleaning Business

Sometimes it feels like everyone’s looking for a cleaner. But once you’ve gone into business for yourself, you may...

nondeductible expenses for your business

Non-Deductible Expenses – Understanding Small Business Tax Returns

Small business deductions are normal, necessary business expenses that the government won’t charge taxes on. Many of these are...

how to bid on government contracts

How to Bid on Government Contracts – Big Wins for Small Businesses

As a contractor, you’re probably always on the lookout for potential clients. While there are certainly many advantages to...

independent contractor legal rights

Fundamental Independent Contractor Legal Rights and Laws You Should Know About

When you set up a business as an independent contractor, you become your own boss. Or do you? In...

how to start a mobile business

How to Start a Mobile Business – On the Way to Small Business Success

Any business that doesn’t operate out of a particular location is a mobile business. That definition covers a wide...

workers compensation insurance for contractors

Workers Compensation Insurance For Contractors : When and Why You (Might) Need It

Workers compensation insurance, which if often shortened to “workers’ comp”, is insurance that represents a compromise between employers and...

2018 H1 Next Insurance

2018 Review: The First Six Months

For Next Insurance and for insurtech more broadly, 2018 has been an amazing year. Over the past half year,...

Types of Government Contracts for Small Business

Types of Government Contracts for Small Businesses: What Do You Need to Know?

Let’s face it, the government has a lot of money to spend and won’t be going out of business...

tax deductions for self-employed hair stylists

Tax Deductions for Self Employed Hair Stylists – Top 7 Write Offs to Help Your Business

There are all sorts of small business tax deductions out there. Some are universal, which means they can be...

building relationships with customers

How Building Relationships With Customers Can Help Contractors Grow Their Businesses

Building relationships with customers is a key part of any contracting business. Good relationship management skills will help you...

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