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crowdfunding for small business

Crowdfunding for Small Business – Get Support and Funds Will Follow

What is Crowdfunding? In crowdfunding, a person or company looking to raise money uses an online platform to raise...

contractual liability insurance

What is Contractual Liability Insurance: When and Why Might You Need It?

If you own a small, medium or even large business one of the biggest threats to your livelihood is...

subcontractor insurance requirements

Subcontractor Insurance Requirements – Essential Policies To Run Your Business Smoothly

If you have a specialized talent or skill, particularly one that’s in demand, making a living as a subcontractor...

how to qualify for a small business loan

How to Qualify for a Small Business Loan in Seven Steps

A business loan can be the key to take the next big step in your professional life, whether you’ve...

where to find handyman work

Where to Find Handyman Work and How Not to Miss Business Opportunities

Do you know the best way to get handyman work? Word-of-mouth referrals. This form of advertising is priceless. Once you...

business grants for women

Best Startup and Small Business Grants For Women

What are Business Grants for Women? When you start a small business, there’s one thing you need more than...

small business outsourcing

Small Business Outsourcing – What is it, and When You Should Consider Outsourcing?

The term “outsourcing” refers to the practice of hiring someone who is not a company employee to provide services...

becoming an event planner

Becoming an Event Planner: Getting Started with Your Business

Do you love to plan parties? If so, you have a valuable skill. People planning events don’t always have...

independent contractor vs. self-employed

Is an Independent Contractor Self Employed? Understanding Contractor Employment Status

As long as the job gets done and you get paid, does it really matter whether you’re technically an...

how much work can you do without a contractor license

How Much Work Can You Do Without a Contractor License?

If you’re wondering out how much work can you do without a contractor license, you’re probably trying to decide...

small business tips for success

Small Business Tips – How to Lay Your Foundations and Achieve Stability

You want your business to succeed. That’s a given. But it’s not always easy opening a business, and sticking...

public performance license for dj

How to Get a Public Performance License for Your DJ Business

Being a DJ can be a dream job for music-lovers, and some people even do it for fun before...

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