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Next Insurance Blog

Importance of Having a Certificate of Insurance for Contractors

  When you’re a business owner, having insurance is essential for your long-term success. As a contractor, this is...

What is Employers Liability Insurance? Types of Insurance Every Business Owner Should Know

  Every business has its own demands. That’s a given. If you’re running a flower shop, you have your...


Next Insurance Receives Recognition as Finalists for “Insurtech Initiative of the Year” Award

Next Insurance was recognized for reaching the final round of the 2019 Business Insurance US Insurance Awards presented in...


How to be Prepared for Emergencies: Resources from National Small Business Week

  As a small business owner, you have responsibility for every part of your business – including preparing for...


How to Get Loans, Grants and Federal Contracts: Focus on National Small Business Week

  National Small Business Week 2019 kicks off on May 5th. It’s a special week celebrating small businesses and...

What is the Difference Between Licensure and Certification? Covering Business Basics

  When you decide to go into business for yourself, you need to make sure all your bases are...

Comprehensive Handyman Contract in 7 Easy Steps: Covering Your Business’ Base

  In order for you to expand your handyman business, you need a steady stream of work. To do...

Registering a Small Business: Make Your Business Dream Officially Come True

  So you’ve got an awesome business idea, you’ve researched your market and competitors, you’ve got a viable business...

CGL Insurance: Fundamental Coverage for Smooth Business Operations

  You’re a responsible small business owner. You care about making your clients happy, and you take pride in...

Business Liabilities Every Small Business Owner Should Always Remember

  Running your own business can be such a juggling act. There are so many responsibilities to take into...

What is Subcontractor Default Insurance and When Might it be Needed?

  You love the feeling when you complete a project and can step back to admire all your hard...

Self Employment and Social Security: How Does It Work?

  Being self-employed comes with its own unique set of mandatory tasks. Among those responsibilities is paying into social...

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