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Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor Certification: How to Start or Improve Your Yoga Business

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Have you decided to become a yoga instructor? Are you already a yoga teacher who wants to improve your skills and deepen your knowledge? If you answered “yes!” to either of these questions, you maywant to look into yoga instructor certification or a yoga teacher certification course.

A 200-hour yoga teacher training course is the first step in gaining yoga certification. However, there are also more advanced yoga instructor training courses that will take you beyond the basics and give you skills and develop your expertise so you can work with specific populations. Here’s an explanation of the different types of courses and ways you can become a yoga teacher.

Types of Yoga Teacher Certification

Basic Yoga Teacher Certification

The standard yoga instructor certification course is 200 hours of learning in a hands-on environment. These yoga training programs can be set up in several different ways. The yoga teacher certification course could be an intensive month-long retreat or it could include a series of weekend workshops spread over a period of a couple of years, to accommodate trainees who may have other responsibilities. Some programs may require your yoga practice or classes to be watched and evaluated while others may require mentoring with experienced teachers, in order to award a yoga teacher certificate.

Once you have completed your training, the Yoga Alliance is the organization that will certify and register you. While there are opportunities to obtain a yoga teacher certificate online, with home learning or shorter programs, these are not recognized by the Yoga Alliance. The 200 hour course is the standard when it comes to yoga instructor certification and most yoga studios require their instructors to have this certification before they begin work. Make sure you know how to become a certified yoga teacher to give yourself a boost in your yoga teaching business.

Specialty Yoga Instructor Certification

Specialty yoga instruction training classes or workshops may run over a single weekend or cover several months of intensive training. These training programs allow you to offer specialized yoga classes, such as in schools or hospitals, or they could allow you to instruct specialty groups, such as children’s classes, prenatal classes, elderly classes, classes for stress relief or back pain and more. If you’re a teacher or a daycare provider looking to offer yoga as an add-on to classes you already teach, or considering moving into a freelance teacher role, these types of certification could be relevant to you.

Advanced Yoga Instructor Certification

If you’ve already received basic yoga instructor certification and are looking to take your business to the next level, there are options for more advanced yoga instructor certifications. These are typically 500 hour programs that run over the course of two or three years and can be considered the equivalent of a master’s degree for yoga teachers. They often require you to show a certain number of hours spent teaching, and to wait a few years after completing your initial yoga instructor certification. These courses may enable you to work with special populations, such as people with mental or physical health issues. Since some styles of yoga have multiple certification levels, including junior instructor, senior instructor or master teacher (to train yoga teachers), courses like these may let you jump a level of certification. These 500-hour courses are a step up from the shorter specialty training courses discussed above.

children's yoga instructor certification

Choosing a Yoga Instructor Certification Center

One of the most important things to consider is that the Yoga Alliance is the organization that registers and certifies all yoga teachers so any course you consider should be on the what is referred to as a Registered Yoga School. Next, think about how much time you have. Some of these courses are part-time or on weekends which allows you to take them while already working as a yoga instructor. That option may be especially convenient for you if you’re looking for advanced courses, or have a day job. Full-time courses can be intensive. After that, you’ll want to look into who will be teaching the yoga training, what credentials they hold and what the format of the classes will be. Don’t choose a teacher just for their name, but make sure that their style of yoga suits you. For example, don’t learn under a teacher who teaches Hatha Yoga if you are looking to teach Ashtanga. If you’re looking to do yoga teacher training, it may be worthwhile to do the training at the studio you hope to teach at, as they may have their own specific training course they will require. If you’re looking to become a local yoga instructor, consider choosing a local course in order to develop relationships and strengthen ties in your community. Do your research to find the right teacher, learning style, cost, and location for your yoga teacher style.

Certificate Requirements

As part of they yoga instructor certification process, you will learn anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy and techniques. Many health and fitness centers also require their yoga teachers to be certified in CPR and this can often be completed as part of a yoga instructor course. Yoga Alliance-registered teachers are required to do 75 hours of continuing education every three years, which is made up of 45 hours of yoga teaching and 30 hours of additional classes.

Yoga Instructor Certification: A Great Start to Your Career

Becoming a yoga teacher isn’t easy. Loving yoga is a great start to a career in it, and you also need to take other steps. . You need theoretical knowledge and practical experience to become a successful yoga teacher. Completing a yoga teacher certification course is the first step towards building a successful career. Together with the right yoga instructor liability insurance and continuing education, your yoga teaching career will be off to the right start.

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