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Kfar Saba, Israel

Security Analyst

We’re looking for a highly motivated, collaborative and technically experienced security analyst with ability to understand and influence cloud operational and security processes, effectively communicate security governance controls, and drive changes within the organization through effective data insights. This is a key role in driving the next evolution of security operations and monitoring, threat intelligence and other key security-related initiatives across Next Insurance products and services. In this role, you will be required to demonstrate the ability to analyze difficult problems, think out-of-box and provide pragmatic solutions and recommendations.


Communicate data, facts, and analysis regarding security operational delivery

Perform initial incident triage, determine scope, urgency, and potential impact of security incidents

Drive incident response and resolution and adjust procedures as applicable

Responding to and tracking security incidents and vulnerability remediation

Researching threats, and providing detailed threat intelligence reports

Develop security dashboards and metrics

Manage and validate bug bounty vulnerability submissions

Develop tools, documentation, processes, and techniques to assist in remediation of security incidents

Organize and perform incident response exercises

Monitor and analyze security events, conduct cyber-forensic investigations

Achieve a deep knowledge of our product architecture and real-world usage patterns in order to gain better business insight on what solutions will deliver value

Desired Skills and Experience:

Ability to research highly technical topics and derive logical conclusions using well thought out processes

Ability to combine information from various sources into clear, concise technical documents that explain the background and procedures for detecting and mitigating risks

Experience with enterprise risk management programs, including internal audits, consulting engagements, information technology reviews, audit, and compliance efforts

A willingness and desire to learn

Possess and nurture a red team mentality: Being able to visualize issues and possible solutions outside the box

Effective when working under pressure and good enough to make sure that rarely happens

At least 2 years experience with and proven methods for analyzing and interpreting information from Security Operations Centers (SOCs), Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs), or SecOps systems

At least 2 Experience with access logging, centralized logging, and monitoring/alerting of security log events such as ELK, Splunk, QRadar

Ability to apply statistics and other mathematical methods to data analysis

Ability to monitor, evaluate, and interpret vulnerabilities/CVEs, vulnerability assessments, cloud platform/system/device/IDS/FW logs, threat analysis, and malware

Have start-up DNA: You have demonstrated an ability to thrive in a dynamic start-up environment or have the DNA to do so

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