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Contractors FAQ

I don’t see the type of work that I do offered as a policy. How can I get a quote?

If you don’t see your specific type of work among the contractors we cover, we recommend filling out the general contractor quote application to see if the type of work you do is included in the application there. If not, we unfortunately won’t be able to insure your business at this time. We are, however, working on adding many more types of business as quickly as possible. So feel free to check back soon!

I subcontract out all of my work. Am I still eligible for a quote and policy?

Yes. If you subcontract out all of your work, please apply for a general contractor policy.

Is this policy good if I contract for multiple companies?

Yes! As long as all of the work you do as a contractor fits within the bounds of the policy you purchase, you’re covered to work for up to 10 clients and/or job sites.

There are multiple business categories that fit me. Which one do I pick?

If multiple categories in our contractors insurance menu suit your business, you should fill out the general contractor quote application, and check off all the work that you do. If areas of your work are not specified in the application, they’re not eligible for coverage at this time.

What are the damage limits for rented premises?

The damage to rented premises limit is $100,000 for all policies.

What is damage to rented premises?

This provides coverage for premises rented to you for conducting your business. For example, your rented office space would be considered rented premises.

What does “standalone” mean?

We use the term “standalone” to describe an operation not done as part of a larger project. If that operation is the sole purpose of the job, it would be considered a standalone. For instance, if you move a fridge as part of a kitchen renovation, that’s not a standalone. If your only job is to move that fridge, that is a standalone project.

What is the personal and advertising injury limit on my policy?

Your personal and advertising injury limit is the same as your per occurrence limit. The details of your policy are always available to policyholders through the customer portal.

What’s the difference between the garbage collection policy and the debris removal policy?

The garbage collection policy does not have to be construction site related. The debris removal policy will be a better fit if you’re clearing a construction site.

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