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Professional Photographer, Rhode Island

"The company represents a passion that I’ve had ever since my parents brought home that big old Panasonic. This company, started out of love, continues to grow."

Johnathan Ketelhut

Photographer, Rhode Island

I was 6 years old when my parents bought a brand new Panasonic Omnimovie VHS HQ Camcorder. My dad would always put this massive camera upon his shoulders and film all our family moments. Moments like opening presents on Christmas morning, blowing out birthday candles, or just simply jumping in our pool outback on hot summer days. I feel in love with it. As a kid I would make the most awkward goofy faces whenever the camera was pointed at me. If it wasn’t pointed at me, I’d make it known it needed to be. Being able to watch back everything we filmed that day was my favorite part; laughing at all the stupid stuff we did. Growing up I made it my mission to make as many movies as I could. Of course nobody wanted to watch them because they were god awful. I made movies again, and again, and again. No matter how bad they came out, I was in love with the entire process of creating something we could watch years later.  It was timeless. As I grew up my passion developed into a career. I became president of our schools broadcast company, I interned with a local video company, and I eventually went to school for it.

After graduating college I had the fortunate opportunity to work for RFD-TV, a national agriculture television network devoted to rural America. I flew all around the country filming a television show for them, learning from the best in the industry. On the side I began shooting weddings for coworkers, family and friends. This is when I knew I found my calling. Watching the reaction of couples seeing the most important day of their lives flash before them is a feeling I will forever treasure. I feel it’s the same reaction I used to have when I rewatched all my horrible and goofy movies that nobody wanted to watch. Capturing moments in people’s lives brought me back to my childhood, when I used to throw that massive Panasonic VHS camera over my own shoulders. That is why I started 4th Henry Productions.

4th Henry Productions is just a small company with four employees. It doesn’t really have any struggles, or challenges. It was easy to start because it was a career that I truly loved. The company represents a passion that I’ve had ever since my parents brought home that big old Panasonic. This company, started out of love, continues to grow.

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