Photographers Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions

I only need insurance for one day. Can I get a quote for short-term insurance?

Our policies are written on an annual basis. Unfortunately we do not have any shorter term insurance options available at this time.

I need to add a client/venue as an additional insured. How do I do this?

To add a venue or client as an additional insured, go to and use the “Proof of Insurance” button in the top right corner. Once you log in using your email and zip code, you will be sent a verification code that will then allow you two options, a general-use certificate or a certificate listing a client or venue. Choose the second option, enter the name and address, and the document will be delivered in a matter of seconds!

Why would I buy Photography Insurance? Won’t my homeowner’s insurance cover it if I add a rider?

In some instances, your camera equipment may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. However, typically any business operations are excluded from homeowner’s insurance, so it would be best to check with your carrier before deciding not to purchase Photographer insurance for General Liability and equipment coverage.

What does the policy cover?

This policy covers General Liability. Equipment coverage is also available for an additional premium.

Where is my equipment covered?

The optional equipment coverage will follow you anywhere you go in the world.

Is the equipment coverage limit for replacement cost or actual cash value?

The equipment will be covered at actual cash value after a $500 deductible.

Does the equipment coverage also apply to rented equipment?

Yes, the equipment coverage policy applies to both rented and owned equipment.

I’m a videographer. Does your coverage apply to me?

Yes, videographers are also covered under the photography policy.

I own over $25,000 of equipment. Can I still purchase equipment coverage?

Unfortunately, at this time our equipment coverage is unable to accommodate photographers with more than $25,000 worth of gear total.