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Free certificates of insurance

Are you shooting at a venue that requires proof of insurance? We give you unlimited certificates of insurance, free of charge. We can get you a certificate and get you out the door.
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Great equipment coverage

Make sure you buy insurance that covers your equipment on-the-go. We cover your equipment on and off premises; lost, stolen, or damaged.

Protect your business

Its always a good idea to look ahead - sometimes things just don’t go as planned. People trip and hard drives crash. We can help protect you and your business when things go wrong.

Buy with confidence

No need to pay a large sum up front for annual coverage. Balance your budget with simple monthly payments at no extra charge.

Coverage plans


Starting at
$21 per month

Business Protection

General Liability
$500,000 – $1,000,000 limit
$0 deductible

Business Protection

General Liability
$1,000,000 limit
$0 deductible

Equipment Protection

$25,000 limit
$500 deductible

All plans offer coverage for:

  • Free certificates of insurance
    You get hired to shoot a wedding, and the venue requires you to provide a certificate of insurance. We give you unlimited certificates of insurance, free of charge.
  • Equipment protection (Pro Plus only)
    You drop your zoom lens while shooting on location and it cracks. The actual cash value for your lens at the time of your claim is assessed at $5,000. We pay actual cash value for equipment claims – lost, stolen, or damaged – we’ll cover it.
  • Injury to your client
    Your light stand falls and injures your client during a photo shoot. Your client sues you for $100,000. We’ll cover it.
  • Property damage
    You accidentally spill coffee on an expensive rug while shooting family portraits in your client’s home. They sue you for $25,000. We’ll cover it.
  • Advertising claims
    You share client photos online to promote your work after getting written permission from every client. One client doesn’t like the photo you shared and sues you for violation of privacy for $50,000. We’ll cover the legal fees to defend you.
  • Medical payments
    Someone gets injured while you’re shooting on location. Instead of suing you, they ask you to pay $5,000 for medical expenses. We’ll cover it.
This is a brief summary of your policy and does not supersede the policy documents. If you want full details, please call us.

Got questions? We’ve got answers

How do I get a Certificate of Insurance?

We give you unlimited certificates of insurance, free of charge. Once you've purchased a policy, Click Here to input the details of your venue or client. We'll get you your certificate as soon as your policy is ready, within one business day.

Do I have to pay the entire premium now?

No, to make it easier on your budget we allow you to make monthly payments.

How do I report a claim?

Easy. Just contact us at support@next-insurance.com or call (855) 222-5919 to report a claim. We'll be happy to help you with the claims process and get you back on track.

Who is Next Insurance?

We're a small group of designers, engineers, and insurance geeks based in Palo Alto, California. We want to use our deep industry experience at companies including Intuit, American Express, PayPal, Check, and Oracle to transform insurance for small businesses. We're an insurance agency licensed in all 50 states.

What our customers say about us

Working with Next Insurance has been a great experience all the way through. As a videographer looking for business insurance, it can be challenging to find the right fit and I'm happy to say that I sleep well at night knowing that Dan and everybody at Next has my back. Their customer service is amazing, they covered all my gear, and they didn't black list me for flying drones like all the other insurance companies. These guys are upbeat, happy to help, and ready to roll. If you want to save time and money then buy a plan from Next Insurance for your small business needs.

Wilson M.
Wedding Videographer

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