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small business outsourcing

Small Business Outsourcing – Hire Professionals to Help Your Business Grow 

Rachel Present Schreter | Jun 20, 2018

Running a business takes a lot of effort. You need to market your services, manage your customers, handle employees,...

firing an employee

Firing Employees: 5 Ways to Make it Easier

Rachel Present Schreter | Jun 19, 2018

If you’re an entrepreneur who has employees, you probably know that firing an employee is one of the hardest...

general contractor license

General Contractor License Requirements by State: Next Insurance Guide

Rachel Present Schreter | Jun 19, 2018

As a general contractor, you have a lot of responsibility. You’re responsible for large building projects, including material, equipment,...

small business employee training

6 Great Tips for Training Great Employees

Rachel Present Schreter | Jun 19, 2018

As your business expands, you’ll need to take on more employees. This means you have to tackle staff training...

get your cosmetologist license

How To Get A Cosmetology License

Rachel Present Schreter | Jun 18, 2018

Cosmetology offers great pay and flexible hours, and the demand for beauty services is at an all-time high.  It’s...

get your dj business license

How to Get a DJ Business License: Your Guide

Rachel Present Schreter | Jun 12, 2018

Working as a DJ can be a solid career choice if you love parties, music, and performing. But like...

small business technology

Small Business Technology and Tools that Work for You

Rachel Present Schreter | Jun 8, 2018

As you probably know very well, when you’re a small business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities. Those...

freelance vs. self-employed

Freelance Vs. Self-Employed – Is There a Difference?

Rachel Present Schreter | Jun 7, 2018

Freelance vs. self-employed, that is the question. Or is it? While you know that you’re not an employee because...

small business liability insurance

5 Types of Liability Insurance for Your Small Business

Rachel Present Schreter | Jun 6, 2018

If you’re an entrepreneur with your own business, you may be wondering about insurance. It can be hard to...

massage equipment

Buying the Right Equipment for Your Massage Therapy Business

Rachel Present Schreter | Jun 5, 2018

Are you a massage therapist with years of experience who is looking to start working for yourself? Or are...

how to get money for a small business

Four Ways To Get Money for a Small Business

Rachel Present Schreter | Jun 4, 2018

Starting a business can be the most exciting thing you ever do, especially if you have a great idea...

natural cleaning products

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Business – Add Value to Your Clients and the Environment

Rachel Present Schreter | May 31, 2018

Whether you’re starting a cleaning business, or looking for a new marketing spin, going eco-friendly can be an excellent...


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