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General and Professional Liability Insurance for Entertainment Professionals

Simple Entertainment Professional Insurance

Simple Entertainment Professional Insurance

You can buy your entertainment insurance in just a few minutes, completely online. It's available 24/7, and there are no phone calls, faxes or emails needed to get your coverage. Entertainment professionals don't work traditional hours; why should your insurance company?

Affordable Policies for Your Business

Affordable Policies for Your Business

We know that entertainment professional cash flow can be a challenge, so you can pay your insurance premium monthly, instead of in one lump sum. All our policies have $0 deductibles, so you don't have to be worried about unexpected expenses.

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Your entertainment professional insurance is designed to meet your specific needs, offering the coverage you need. There are no extras you don't need, and the insurance you do need to focus on your business with confidence.

*Professional Liability coverage applies only to claims related to bodily injury or property damage

All plans include General and limited Professional Liability coverage

  • Bodily Injury

    This insurance coverage kicks in when there is a physical injury to a third party on your job. For instance, this could be someone who gets injured when you're moving equipment into or out of an event site.

  • Property Damage

    Since entertainment professionals tend to move around, property damage is always a possibility and you want to know you're covered if a floor gets scratched, or an expensive painting gets knocked over.

  • Advertising Harm

    If you advertise and your ad is too similar to that of a competitor, you could be used. In case of advertising harm, your general liability coverage would kick in.

This is a brief summary of your policy and does not supersede the policy documents. If you want full details, please call us.

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Do I have to pay the entire annual premium now?
No, to make it easier on your budget we allow you to make monthly payments. Of course, there's no extra fee for paying monthly.
How do I get a Certificate of Insurance?
We provide you unlimited certificates of insurance, free of charge. Once you've purchased a policy, log in to our website to get proof of insurance or add an Additional Insured. In most cases, you'll get your certificate within minutes. Otherwise, we'll email it within one business day.
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