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Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto Insurance: Now Available!

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Customers often reach out to us asking whether we offer commercial auto insurance.  As of today, we’re proud to announce that the answer is yes. Business owners can now purchase their auto insurance with the same convenience and speed they’ve come to expect from their other purchases on the Next Insurance platform. Adding insurance for vehicles to our offering reflects our commitment to becoming the single source of insurance for business owners and entrepreneurs across the United States.

“We decided to launch commercial auto insurance once we realized that customers were hungry for simple and affordable car insurance for their businesses. We believe that business owners should have access to insurance based around their needs and their budgets,” said Guy Goldstein, our CEO and Cofounder. “This is an important step for us in our journey to become the leading source of insurance for business owners. We look forward to filling a gap in the market, serving our customers and helping businesses thrive.”

Like our existing policies, our new commercial auto policies are available entirely online. They’re designed to be simple and affordable for both new and existing customers. We can even offer a discount to customers who buy both liability and commercial auto insurance. What’s more, to ensure that insurance for vehicles fits into nearly any business owner’s budget, we’ve worked hard to eliminate unnecessary extra fees.

For months, we researched the ins and outs of entrepreneurs’ varied insurance needs, and we’ve tailored our policies to meet those needs. Recognizing the importance of flexible offerings, we allow you to choose the coverage you need, with different options available based on your budget and how much risk you’re willing to take. Notably, all of our policies offer robust coverage. You can be confident that no matter which policy you choose, you will have proper coverage to fit your business’s needs. We’re providing coverage options for up to eight different drivers and four vehicles on a single policy. Whether you’re a plumber who needs coverage for your truck or you’re a general contractor overseeing a team of employees, you can get the insurance that’s right for you.

So far, we’re live in six states, and with our vision and track record of success in meeting small business owners’ insurance needs, we’re well on our way to selling our commercial auto insurance policies in all 50 states.

Say goodbye to the days in which entrepreneurs were often forced to buy liability insurance and commercial automotive insurance separately, in a process that was complicated, expensive, and not designed around your needs. We know that business owners are busy, and need to be able to buy insurance quickly, without sacrificing on quality for the businesses you’re working hard to build. Our new policies will take the pain out of small business auto insurance, and enable business owners like you to thrive.

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