In-Home Dayare

We’re now offering insurance to In-home daycare providers!

Our team has released something that we’re really excited about! We take pride in delivering the best products we can for your business, and we’re happy to announce that – with our partners, Markel Insurance – we’re able to offer an awesome solution for in-home daycare providers!

There are more than 280,000 in-home daycare facilities in the US – many more than commercially operated child care centers. These are family-owned businesses that allow those who enjoy spending their days taking care of young kids to build a sustainable business around their passion – while providing parents in the neighborhood with an opportunity to pursue full-time employment.

We believe we have managed to pull together the coverage that an in-home daycare business truly needs, and made the package available at a really good price. In-home daycare insurance is (surprisingly) complicated, and the best part of Next’s solution is that we’ve taken all of the intricacies and industry nuances into our hands, keeping the end-to-end process from sign-up to claim straightforward and simple for the customer.

So what type of coverage is included?

With this policy, you would get 2 primary coverages: General Liability insurance with a limit of up to $3,000,000 and Accident & Health coverage for up to $250,000. You can get this – our Pro policy – for less than $50/month, with our Basic Policy coverage starting as low as $30/month. Monthly payments are available and there are never any extra fees.

So what does this actually mean?

A child in your care falls and twists their ankle and the parents expect you to reimburse them for the $10,000 ER bill. We’ll cover it.

A parent sues you for not spending enough time with their child, alleging it resulted in developmental delays. The legal fees end up adding up to $30,000. We’ll cover it.

A parent alleges one of your employees touched their child inappropriately, even though they absolutely didn’t. As a result, you incur $50,000 in legal costs to defend your company. We’ll cover it.

A child becomes disabled via an unforeseeable accident and the parents sue you for $300,000. We’ll cover it.

What’s next for Next?

We’re proud of this product. It has all the hallmarks of the insurance coverages Next envisioned when we were founded – affordable, useful, reliable, easy to use. We learned a lot bringing this one to market, and we’re going to take those learnings forward as we continue to expand our offerings.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we do, why we do it, or where we are looking to go, check out our business insurance products – or feel free to leave a comment below.


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