electrician marketing ideas

Marketing Ideas for Electrical Contractors – Switch On Your Business Potential

Rachel Present Schreter | May 28, 2018

Most people, even those with no knowledge of electrician’s work, know that being an electrician takes all sorts of...

electrician certification

Get Your Electrician Certification: Your Guide

Rachel Present Schreter | Apr 11, 2018

Many career specialties require specific professional certification. You might have to show a certificate before you can get a...

Comfort, Durability and Safety: Choosing Electrician Tools and Equipment

Rachel Present Schreter | Mar 8, 2018

As an electrician, you know that you can’t do your job without the right electrical tools and equipment. While...

why electrician insurance is important

Why Electrician Insurance is a Must for Every Electrician

Rachel Present Schreter | Feb 6, 2018

As an electrician, you make sure to provide quality work that will stand the test of time, while also...

Starting an Electrician Business: Key Tips

Rachel Present Schreter | Jan 18, 2018

If you’ve ever paid an expensive minimum charge just to have an electrician come to flip the switch on...


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