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General Contractor

How to Become a General Contractor With No Experience?

  On most construction projects, a general contractor is the person in charge on the day-to-day level. Sometimes, general...


Contractor Surety Bond: What Does it Mean for a Contractor to be Bonded?

  No matter what you do, owning your own business involves some risk. But when you’re a contractor, your...

Next Insurance

Announcing Insurance for General Contractors

From the day we opened for business, we knew that we wanted to sell general contractor insurance.  Construction is...

contractor overhead and profit margin

Typical Contractor Overhead and Profit Margin – Calculate Your Business Potential

As a general contractor, your ability to calculate your overhead and profit margin are what can make or break...

general contractor license

General Contractor License Requirements by State: Next Insurance Guide

As a general contractor, you have a lot of responsibility. You’re responsible for large building projects, including material, equipment,...

Handyman vs. General Contractor: What’s the Difference?

You offer good customer service, do your job well, and charge a fair price – so who cares what...

Home Renovations

How To Start a Successful Home Renovation Business Your Customers Will Rave About

Do you like taking on projects with your own two hands and a plan? If so, starting a home...

Carpenter tools on wooden background

Finding the Best General Contractor Equipment, Tools and Apps for the Job

General contractor equipment is often expensive and heavy, which makes sense considering the rigorous daily usage of lots of...

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