construction worker insurance requirements

Construction Contractor Insurance Requirements – What You Need

Rachel Present Schreter | May 23, 2018

Whether you’re a one-person operation or have dozens of employees working for you, if you’re in the construction business,...

how to handle common commercial insurance claims

5 Common Commercial Claims and How To Handle Them

Rachel Present Schreter | May 22, 2018

Entrepreneurs like you pour their hearts into their business and will do almost anything to turn it into a success....

bonded and insured

Understanding Insurance Terms: Bonded and Insured

Rachel Present Schreter | May 3, 2018

As an entrepreneur, you’ve may have run across the term “bonded and insured”. And if you find yourself going...

general vs. professional liability insurance

General vs. Professional Liability: Why it Matters to You and Us

Chava Forman Horovitz | May 2, 2018

As an entrepreneur, you know that insurance matters – it lets you focus on your business, and proves to...

how pressure washing insurance can help your business

How Pressure Washing Insurance Can Help Your Business

Rachel Present Schreter | Apr 24, 2018

Pressure washers are in high demand today to keep homes, cars and boats clean. Year-round, people want dirt, mud...

types of home daycare insurance

3 Types of Home Daycare Insurance That Will Make You Stand Out

Rachel Present Schreter | Apr 24, 2018

Nothing delights parents more than the convenience and personal touch of a top-notch daycare within a home environment. As...

Admitted vs. non-admitted carrier

Understanding Insurance Terms: Admitted Carriers and Non-Admitted Carriers?

Christine Pfeiffer | Apr 18, 2018

We understand that purchasing insurance can be challenging. There are all kinds of confusing terms floating around, and it...

what is a rider?

What Is a Rider? Understanding Insurance Terms

Rachel Present Schreter | Apr 16, 2018

If you thought a rider was someone riding a bike, and now find yourself asking “what is a rider?”...

public liability insurance small business

Public Liability Insurance for Small Business: When and Why You Need It

Rachel Present Schreter | Mar 28, 2018

Public liability insurance covers you if a customer or a third party gets injured or has any of their...

next insurance commercial insurance

How to Choose Commercial Insurance for Your Business

Rachel Present Schreter | Mar 26, 2018

What is Commercial Insurance? “Commercial insurance” means insurance that protects you from any unforeseen circumstances that could affect your...

business insurance that's cheap

Easy Guide to Finding Cheap Business Insurance – that’s Reliable!

Rachel Present Schreter | Mar 26, 2018

When you’re purchasing insurance you want to get the best service possible, while keeping costs down. Yet affordable business...

live certificate of insurance

Introducing Live Certificate: The New, Instant Proof of Insurance for Next Insurance Customers

Rachel Present Schreter | Mar 20, 2018

We’re excited to introduce the brand-new Live Certificate of insurance, a feature designed to give Next Insurance policyholders instant,...


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