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Artisan Contractor Insurance: How to Protect Your Business

  As an artisan contractor, you know how much the details matter. The work you do for your clients...

how to bid a painting job

How to Bid a Painting Job — 6 Tips to Estimate a Painting Job and Win More Clients

Have you ever started a painting job and then realized it was going to cost a totally different amount...

house painter insurance

How To Start A House Painting Business From The Ground Up

There’s nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint to instantly bring living spaces to life. Research has shown...

Painter License Requirements by State: A Comprehensive Guide

We know that the average person moves more than 11 times over their lifetime. We also know that when...

Painting Courses: Learn New Skills and Develop Your Career

While a painter needs a good eye for color, becoming a painter requires far more than just brushing paint...

Insurance for Painters

Painter’s Insurance: A Must for Every Professional

It’s important for all small business owners to have proper liability insurance, and painters are no exception to that...

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