Professional photographer outdoor

Weddings, Nature or Products? How to Find Your Photography Niche

Rachel Present Schreter | Mar 7, 2018

Maybe you’ve loved photography since you first stepped into a dark room, or maybe you simply have an artistic...

why photographers need equipment insurance

Photographer Equipment Insurance: Who, What, and Why?

Rachel Present Schreter | Jan 29, 2018

As a photographer, you know how valuable your equipment is. Whether or not you are a full-time professional photographer,...

Photography Tools and equipment

Photography Tools and Equipment: Guide for the New Professional

Rachel Present Schreter | Jan 10, 2018

There’s no denying it: mobile device accessibility has allowed anyone with a phone in their pocket to snap a...

Female Photographer In Her Home Office.

Tips to Promote your Photography Business and Attract More Clients

Evyatar Sagie | Sep 18, 2017

With the ease and availability of shooting, editing, and sharing of photographs via devices and social media, it seems...

wedding photographer insurance

4 Tips for Making Smart Choices in Photographer Insurance

Annie Ryan | Aug 28, 2017

As a photographer, your job often depends on your ability to capture your clients’ most treasured memories and other...

photography equipment insurance

Non-stop improvement: Replacement cost coverage for Photographers

Sofya Pogreb | Aug 15, 2017

We recently published a post about the photographer claims we’ve encountered since we started.  A claim is the true...

Camera insurance

Our experience with Photographer claims so far

Sofya Pogreb | Jul 4, 2017

Photographers often ask us “what are the claims you get most often? What should I be careful about?” –...


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