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Professional photographer outdoor

Weddings, Nature or Products? How to Find Your Photography Niche

Maybe you’ve loved photography since you first stepped into a dark room, or maybe you simply have an artistic...

why photographers need equipment insurance

Photographer Equipment Insurance: Who, What, and Why?

As a photographer, you know how valuable your equipment is. Whether or not you are a full-time professional photographer,...

Photography Tools and equipment

Photography Tools and Equipment: Guide for the New Professional

There’s no denying it: mobile device accessibility has allowed anyone with a phone in their pocket to snap a...

Female Photographer In Her Home Office.

Tips to Promote your Photography Business and Attract More Clients

With the ease and availability of shooting, editing, and sharing of photographs via devices and social media, it seems...

wedding photographer insurance

4 Tips for Making Smart Choices in Photographer Insurance

As a photographer, your job often depends on your ability to capture your clients’ most treasured memories and other...

photography equipment insurance

Non-stop improvement: Replacement cost coverage for Photographers

We recently published a post about the photographer claims we’ve encountered since we started.  A claim is the true...

Camera insurance

Our experience with Photographer claims so far

Photographers often ask us “what are the claims you get most often? What should I be careful about?” –...

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