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Yoga Instructor

When Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

  As a business owner, you know what an investment the whole enterprise can be. True, it can be...

How to Save a Failing Small Business

  Failure was not what you expected when you went into business for yourself. You knew it would be...

Essential Yoga Marketing Tips to Achieve Your Yoga Business Goals!

  If you’re a yoga teacher, then yoga is your business. That means you need students on a regular...

Setting Your New Yoga Studio Up for Success

  If you’re a yoga teacher, you may dream of opening a yoga studio of your own. What could...

yoga marketing ideas

Yoga Marketing Ideas: How to Build a Thriving Business

“Marketing yoga” may feel like a contradiction in terms, and if you’re planning to start your own yoga business...

personal trainer marketing ideas

Personal Trainer Marketing Ideas – Push Your Fitness Training Business Further

Personal training is a competitive business. How to be a successful personal trainer is a good question, and one...

become a yoga instructor

How to Become a Certified Yoga Instructor – Upward Steps in Your Career

So, you have a love for fitness and health and you’ve been dreaming about becoming a yoga instructor. You...

Outdoor yoga

7 Business Opportunities for Yoga Teachers

When you first got into the yoga business, and trainer to become a yoga teacher, you probably did so...

Happy World Yoga Day! 6 Tips to Build Your Yoga Business

Happy World Yoga Day! What is your business doing to celebrate this holiday? If you’ve been thinking about starting...

How to Open Your Yoga Studio

As a yoga teacher, you may dream of opening a yoga studio of your very own, and wonder how...

How to get yoga instructor certification

Yoga Instructor Certification: How to Start or Improve Your Yoga Business

Have you decided to become a yoga instructor? Are you already a yoga teacher who wants to improve your...

Yoga Trainer Insurance Matters

Yoga Teacher Insurance: Who Needs It?

Being a yoga teacher is a gratifying and rewarding experience, but it also comes with its unique challenges. Students...

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